Venetian Glass Bricks

Creating a space for your creativity

Venetian Glass Brick 

Venice – historic city of bridges and canals, art and artisans. For centuries, Venetians have been producing magnificent glass pieces of every description. Our new range has all the features you’d expect in coloured designer glass – brilliance, transparency, sophistication.

  1. Full Solid Glass Brick
  2. Compressive Strength > 30Mpa
  3. 0% Water Absorption
  4. Easy to Clean
  5. Mix & Match Design with Clay Brick Walls
  6. Wide Selection of Colors & Surface Texture to Suit Your Design     

Color Range & Surface Texture

230 x 110 x 76(h)mm

Arctic Crystal Natural
Arctic Crystal Satin
Arctic Crystal Polished
Arctic Crystal Frosted
Blue Sapphire Natural
Blue Sapphire Satin
Blue Sapphire Polished
Blue Sapphire Frosted
Golden Amber Natural
Golden Amber Satin
Golden Amber Polished
Golden Amber Frosted
Smokey Quartz Natural
Smokey Quartz Satin
Smokey Quartz Polished
Smokey Quartz Frosted

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