Resin Bound Permeable Surfacing System

Strength and stability

Satisfactory resistance to the loads
associated heavy pedestrian traffic

Rainwater drainage

The system have sufficient rainwater drainage properties to eliminate surface 

Surface characteristics

the system has satisfactory slip and
skid resistance and is resistant to wear


Have a service life in excess of that 
of a traditional asphalt surface


LeesonBound is a BBA Approved, high performance SUDS compliant porous aggregate bound system

- SUDS Areas
- Driveways 
- Footpaths
- Swimming Pool Surrounds 

with UV Stabilization

High Temperature Resistance

Fast Setting & Curing

Chemical resistance

Physical Property 

Permeability is about 65 times HIGHER than Permeable Pavers 


Tensile Strength

Flexural Strength

Bonding Strength  

Slip Resistance
Testing Standards 

BS EN ISO 527-1
BS EN ISO 527-3
BS 2782-3: Method 326E

BS EN 12390-5 : 2009
BS EN 12697 -19 Horizontal
BS EN 12697 -19 Vertical

TRL 176 Appendix J
(Applied to Concrete Substrate)

BS EN 1344 : 2002 
- Control = 9.5 N/mm2
- Water Soak = 7.9 N/mm2
- Chlorinated Water = 7.1 N/mm2
- Heat aged = 19.5 N/mm2
- UV aged = 6.7 N/mm2
2.36 MPa
5.114 x 10⁻³ m/s
4.793 x 10⁻³ m/s
- Control = 1.12 N/mm2
- Heat Age = 1.33 N/mm2
- 7 days Soak Water = 0.83 N/mm2
- 28 days Soak Water= 0.92N/mm2

Great Permeability  

for Pavement & Pit Cover

Installation Procedures:

> Add the Aggregates and Glow Stone to the Mixer and mix evenly. The aggregate must be dry (<0.5% moisture) and free from dust.

> Mix LeesonBound A component prior to addition of B component, mix the A & B for 1-2 minutes to a smooth consistency. It is recommended to use one batch on a project. If more than one batch is to be used, care should be taken to use the same batch in one area in case of small batch to batch variation, this equally applies to the aggregate.

> The mixed LeesonBound resin should then be introduced into the mixer containing the previously mixed Aggregate.

> A rotary mixer or low speed paddle mixer are suitable for mixing.

> Mix for 5 minutes until the mixture is uniformly coated.

> Once laid the product will take approximately 4 hours to set and shall be kept away from dirt and rain waters. The pavement will be fully cured after 24 hours allowing for traffic.

Permeable Drainage Cover 

Tailor made of Permeable Drainage Covers are also available from
300 to 900mm in length with a wide selection of Color texture. 

[ Download ] - LeesonBound Product Brochure 

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