1. Light Responsive Ceramic Tiles

The product has all the features and functions of ordinary ceramic tiles and also has a self-illuminating function.

It is made by pressing a mixture of clay, powdered quartz, feldspar, silica, and long-afterglow luminescent materials into embryos and firing them.

High brightness & Long afterglow & Long service life
Excellent weather resistance & wear resistance

Non-toxic & harmless & no radioactive elements

Widely used on floors and walls to provide guidance at night

Sizes & Thickness

- 400x400x15mm
- 800x800x15mm
- other custom shapes or sizes upon request

2. Light Responsive Porcelain Tiles

- 900x1800mm
- 1200x2700mm
- other custom shapes or sizes upon request

Wide Range of Colors

PGT 01

PGT 02

PGT 03

PGT 04

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